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Zeke's passion for CrossFit started in 2012 following on from a lengthly football career and a deep appreciation for team sports, which lead to the inception of CrossFit Live Elite (Carv's predecessor) with James. 

Since then, Zeke has made 4 CrossFit Games appearances. Zeke's industry experience has provided him with a strong understanding of CrossFit culture, particularly what values Carv should embody. Zeke coaches our classes Monday - Saturday and some personal training classes are on offer, at request. 




Alex 'Bucko' Buckley has seen and done it all, from the literal trenches of the Australian Army outback, to the mental trenches of some of CrossFit's hardest hero WOD's - expect to be pushed to your limits by Bucko.

Coupled with his military training and experience, Alex possesses a lengthy career as a certified personal trainer working with a multitude of clients across his lifespan. Alex coaches Thursday's Fridays and the odd celebrity appearance. 

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